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Custom character boss will not spawn or appear as mission goal

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I created a custom boss.  He is the only character in his custom group.


I created a mission.  He appears as a boss to defeat.  It is required and is the only objective required for the mission.


But he does not spawn and his objective does not show in the nav.


What am I doing wrong?

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moved it to the top of the mission and it appeared.  Added some other objectives and they do not.  So apparently I have too much stuff in the mission and it just cuts off the bottom part?

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It is the Cesspool map - so non-standard.  What's weird is I have added additional objectives to the bottom and they appear.  So just the one boss did not work until I moved it in the objective order.

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Sorry @DougGraves, been mostly AFK the last week so haven't answered you. As you've discovered there are maps that have unseen limits to what will or won't spawn, and unfortunately there's no way to know which map does this until you try a particular map.

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