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Unintended hostage death in 1st mission of Mako's Patron Arc.

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According to some bug reports we've gotten: in the 1st mission of Mako's Patron arc, there are two combat-able Arachnos hostages that need to be rescued. However, sometimes they are guarded by Spines/* Longbow Wardens, whose auras kill the hostages before a player can retrieve them. This makes the mission unable to be completed.

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And because the mission is timed, you can't just opt to auto-complete it either.  The workaround I use for this is to reset the mission by flagging a paper/tip mission and swapping between the two (or abandoning, that also works), while also lowering the difficulty to reduce the likelihood of a Spines Warden spawning.  I believe the boss that's supposed to guard them is an Officer by default, so the lowest difficulty should make them safer to extract.

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