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Need some macro / bind help

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It looks like either the Inspexec_tray or Inspexec_slot commands will accomplish that objective.


So your macro command might look like


/macro <macro_name> "inspexec_slot <column_number>"


where you supply the macro name and the column number you want to pull from. The wiki links above have more details about how to use the commands.

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That does work however I seem to need more assistance. What I am trying to accomplish is to create a macro / bind that will select a specific pet and then dump inspirations on them.

i.e.: flailing F4 will feed me all the inspirations in row 4, except sending them to a specific pet.

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I am not sure I see a clear path for accomplishing that. The two commands I could find for giving inspirations to pets are Inspexec_pet_name and Inspexec_pet_target, but both those require you to input the inspiration by name, not by position in the inspiration tray. There may be another command out there that allows you to specify inspirations by position and feed them to pets, but I couldn't find it on the wiki or in the references I had. I have never played a MM before, though, so perhaps someone more familiar with MMs has more insight.

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