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How would you slot these?

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For me at least, I consider things like how many slots do you have available, what is the overall build and what are you trying to do. 

Short answer without more info, I would:

Two slot CJ with LotG (def,global)

One slot RoP with whatever since it’s an emergency button for me

Fully slot AB with either a nice damage set (for bonuses) or frankenslot it. 

Knowing a lot more about your build and goals would be helpful though. There are some build Grandmasters here in these forums who could give you excellent advice very specific to your needs. 

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Combat Jumping: Typically for my characters this is a slot 49 pick. It just gets a LotG Global Recharge piece. Assuming you don't need it to mule any other Defense set globals, for 'defense' toggles I usually choose:

  1. Luck of the Gambler Def/Global Recharge (attuned)
  2. Shield Wall Defense (boosted 50+5)
  3. Shield Wall Defense/Endurance (boosted 50+5)
  4. Shield Wall Global Resist (if it isn't muled somewhere else to get the +Health)

The diminishing returns hits pretty hard IMO on Combat Jumping. The above slotting is usually my choice for a Defensive toggle taken at a lower level.


Rune of Protection: In the current Homecoming rules, I have this just as a mule. It isn't worth slotting it any other way IMO.


Arcane Bolt: This one depends on the AT. For my Blaster, I have this slotted with Apocalypse (x5) making it roughly as effective as the T1 single-target ranged attack (which is slotted with Superior Defiant Barrage). Other ATs with different damage scales and different power choices (and thus different enhancement set choices) will make different choices. It doesn't have the greatest inherent accuracy, so if you opt to go the franken-slot route (for an AT like a Controller, for example) I would try to include a ACC IO (boosted) or a boosted set piece like Gladiator's Javelin to get some endurance reduction as well (plus a 2-piece set bonus, along with the %proc, for +Recovery)

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54 minutes ago, damnimgood said:

(Didn't know where to post this. Not a certain archetype..)


There is a general Archetype parent forum containing all the individual AT subforums; general stuff like this can be posted there (scroll past the list of AT subforums to find the postings).

As to your question, how to slot these is going to depend greatly on the rest of your build, and there is no simple "one size fits all" answer.  That may not seem very helpful, but trying to slot powers in a vacuum is not going to help your build.

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I use Combat Jumping early and often.  Since it’s usually one of my first defense power picks, I two slot it early with Kismet accuracy and Shield Wall proc.  Later I’ll add a slot for the Reactive Defenses proc.  And eventually I remove the Kismet and replace it with a Lotg proc.

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Combat jumping has a fairly low base endurance cost for a toggle.   The defense it gives is also rather paltry.  This makes it ideal to use its one base slot to mule a defense set unique like Shield Wall Global Resistance.  It also accepts travel sets so it's a good place to stow a Winter's Gift slow resistance or a Blessing of the Zephyr knockback protection.  You could, as noted, slot LotG in the power as well, but LotG has attractive set bonuses so it might be better in a defense power you're giving slots to.  Which, if you don't have any others, may be this one.  Generally you will get more bang from your buck slotting something other than CJ for defense. 


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