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How is Melee in PvP these days?

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19 hours ago, America's Angel said:

@M3z you should check out MJB's videos, above. They show that melee can be viable in small scale stuff just as much as it is in 1v1s.


In Zone PvP, stacking taunt for -range is one way of countering your opponent's Jaunt. This is what it looks like in practice:



Here's what my psy/em with Intuition, and a whole bunch of +range bonuses look like vs stacked taunt...




Melee being able to seriously neuter the best evading power in the game, reduce the range of all ranged foes' attacks, as well as dish out loads of damage themseles (their epic attacks now have increased crit chances from the ATOs, remember) means Melee is in a very good spot right now.


sounds like an absolute blast

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