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Same sg as on live we are the games largest community sg 2007-present. Many of the old members are back and we have many new ones! Many of the top sg players have joined us as well from Hammers of Justice, United Heroes Brigade, StrikeForce, Protectors of Neverland and Pingu Coalition.

I hope some of our original members will see this and return...we are on Excelsior!!!

Big shout out to our friends from Taxibots (Paragon Taxi Service) and Justice Force!

Our current division leaders are:

Chiyo-chan - ALL-OUT-WAR (main sg)


Felicia Divine - ALL-OUT-WAR-XXX (3rd division for adults so you can say what you want without offence)

Odee - DOMINATION (our vg affiliate)

Amelia Starheart - ALL-OUT-WAR-CHAMPIONS (4th division honoring our Champion Server roots)

R4P4 - ALL-OUT-WAR-RAIDERS (5th division is our PvP sg)

Huge Heiffer - ALL-OUT-WAR-HERD (6th division is our AE Farmers division)

Coalition Allies:

Dark Archer - GLOBAL

Inoshita - Knights of Ni

Chiyo-chan - Heroes of Tomobiki



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