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Peebles arc - Wedding Ring question

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I thought someone here might know the answer to this question. Stephanie Peebles is listed as a 20-24 contact.  I was able to start her Wedding Ring arc recently on a character who had leveled to 25, but not trained from 24.  I have previously found that if you start her arc then out level it, she will let you finish the arc, but NOT award the Wedding Ring temp power.  


So I'm wondering if I can pause XPs on my current character and finish the arc and get the Ring power, or if I've already lost out, like on my previous character, and may as well keep earning XPs because all I'll get is the arc credit, not the temp power. 


Does anyone know whether award of the Ring temp power is based on trained level, or actual character level?  

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I am not sure I can definitively answer your question, but I found this in my logs (and I did verify these were from the same character):


2019-09-21 15:35:48 Your combat improves to level 25! Seek a trainer to further your abilities.

2019-09-21 16:25:49 You recovered Stephanie's ring.
2019-09-21 16:25:49 You received 25 reward merits.
2019-09-21 16:26:10 You received Wedding Band.


So, my character was level 25 when he received the Wedding Band temp power. Given the time that has passed, I cannot remember if I had actually trained him to 25 by the time he completed the arc. But, at the very least, his character level was 25 at that point so I think you might be OK to get the temp power if you don't gain enough XP to hit level 26.


I also noticed in my logs that I had a level 50 character that did the arc through Ouro (exemplared down to 25) and got the Wedding Band, so if it turns out you don't get it the 'normal' way, you could get it via Ouro.

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Thanks for the info!  It is a kind of long arc to repeat in Oro, since there are a lot of defeat alls, so I was hoping to get it while leveling rather than have to repeat it.  Sounds like there may at least be one level of grace period, on my character who missed out on it I may well have leveled to 26 and trained, I don't remember at this point.  

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