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Level 50 Hero trying to get villain radio missions.

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If you are a hero, you must be at least a Vigilante to start paper missions.  You obtain your paper by visiting a Broker (one in ever villain zone except for Mercy) who should be set as your waypoint the first time you enter a zone (just like Detectives).  You can run mayhem missions as a Vigilante just fine, but contacts you get afterward won't speak to you until you go full evil.  I believe you can still get the contact for rerunning Mayhem missions as a Vigilante thougj, as long as you get the Hero Slayer badge (25 Paragon City Heroes or Signature Heroes defeated, signature referring to Freedom Phalanx, Vindicators, and possibly others like Foreshadow and Mirror Spirit)


Important: you cannot obtain the Invader or Force of Nature Accolades if you are a Vigilante.  You must be Villain or Rogue for those to unlock, unless you already have their blueside variants (Task Force Commander and Geas of the Kind Ones).  You still have to go Villain or Rogue for the accolades to be awarded, but you will automatically get them on swap if you have them.


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Step 1: Go to Pocket D.


Step 2: Talk with Null the Gull (who sits on top of a box truck on the red side), and change your alignment to Vigilante.


Step 3: Go to a SG base and go to Grandville.  When you come out of Grandville, you'll get a contact: Wiggy the Brit


Step 4: Talk with Wiggy the Brit and get newspaper missions.  Newspaper missions are the red side equivalent of radio missions.




Or, since you specifically want the mayhem missions:


Step 1: Go to Brickstown as a hero.


Step 2: Run the Brickstown SSA at x4 by talking with Dakota Berg, (on your minimap).  Congrats, you now have the Bloody Hands badge.


Step 3: Go to Pocket D.


Step 4: Talk with Null the Gull (who sits on top of a box truck on the red side), and change your alignment to Rogue.


Step 5: Exit Pocket D to Port Oakes.  You should now have a Lord Schweinzer immediately on your minimap.


Step 6: Talk with Lord Schweinzer.  He will offer you all of the mayhem missions.

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