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This is and it may be obvious to all of you, my first fully done build from scratch.

The goal for this build was to constantly maintain 400% recharge at all times or at least the massive majority of that time

I chose energy for the force feedback proc and rad emission for the -regen when fighting AV's

My hope from posting this here is to figure out what the hell happened to my endurance and why it is in the negatives



Looking into the future I see myself having lots of endurance issues so I will be taking cardiac and ageless

I'll take the  -defense for interface and assault for hybrid (not a big fan of lore) The reason why I put this info here is because I couldn't get it to show up on mids 


I believe the endurance regen bug comes when your recharge passes 400%.


To expert builders this thing may look like a shit show so feel free to tear it apart and call me an idiot lol. 


                                                                                                                                                                              Best of luck - Reningrendir


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Force Feedback +Recharge is a display/stacking bug in the hero builder, it does not stack, only one stack of 100% recharge can be active at any one time, and lasts for a few seconds.  If another proc activates during that time, it adds to the current timer, rather than adding another 100% recharge on top, it just gives you a few more seconds. The most you can ever get from force feedback +recharge is 100%, and only for a few seconds.

This bird poop is DARK!

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