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Classic Paladin event: Paladin Construction site locations

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Vidiot Maps had the spots marked on the map long before the lights went out, and I have been observing many a player posting in the chat channels about the classic Paladin event now that is back and where to find the Paladin construction sites. So here is a pic of the vidiot map and I have added a notation on it of the symbol of the construction sites.


Remember: the badge is only awarded if you STOP the Paladin from being built.  Destroy a rampaging Paladin and you get merits.  Also once built, the Paladin tends to head North in the general direction of Hyde Park. 


Things to note: The Paladin cannot attack until it is built, you need to smash all clockwork trying to build it and keep blasting the incomplete Paladin until it is destroyed.   If the Paladin is built, the construction site is still "active" and will not spawn another one until the previous one is defeated.


There are 3 Construction sites, and if there are 3 Paladin's stomping around no new Paladin events can start.


There are 3 spawn points.

  • One is in the southwest corner, around an electrical tower just bordering a warehouse. (513.0, -42.0, 2787.9)
  • One is towards the middle of Kings Row, and is in the large electrical complex. (-1639.7, -42.0, 1729)
  • The final one is in the northeast, just south of Royal Refinery, near the spherical silos. (-2865.3, -42.0, -506.9)



Classic Paladin.jpg

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Thank you for the info, Voltor. I'll add that an updated vidiotmap was published on June 2 (the day the patch went live), so users in need of a replacement for their in-game Kings Row vidiotmap (along with several other maps that have been recently updated) can click that link. The HC wiki page for the Paladin Construction event has also been thoroughly updated to reflect the best currently available information for the event.

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