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Long Lost CoX Comics rezzed as PDF/ePubs.. 24 Total Promo-i12

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Recently I stumbled on ALL the Comic Books released from 2002-2008... I have them in Vol 1(12) and Vol 2(20), the Promo release from 2002 and when Manticore got Hitched... All free to download, in PDF/ePub with JPG Covers on My GDrive.. Safe Travels!


Oh the Beta Days...                                                                                                   Then they got all settled down, and all of Paragon came

cover.thumb.jpg.f8b1aa018234ec7d301f79274f76267b.jpgPROMO 2002































And then i12, and time for GoodByes

i12 The End(for some...)

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6 hours ago, Blackbird71 said:

These are all actually still available here:


HELLA ya!!  It was in some random folder within a folder on my GDrive, in ePub and PDF.. Perhaps I nabbed them from there ages ago?!?!? Thanks for the link, Time to Bask into Our Past... The other EPIC super deep hidden gems I'd forgotten about.. GABB-v115.pdf- Gunner’s Advanced Basic Bindfile

CoH-CoV-Technical-Guide-v271.pdf-  (formerly Keybind, Macro & Emote Guide)



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17 minutes ago, Blackbird71 said:

LOL, got you covered there as well:  http://www.shenanigunner.com/


Absolutely Beautiful Man.. I've been super busy with Classes this last year, and mine is 2.71 and this is not 3.06!??!?! Can't wait to compare the advances, a lot of my built popmenu's aren't needed anymore, only the badger type ones if they still work lol...


Truly thanks mate, I had completely forgotten he returned last year-ish..


Good hunting!

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