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Blizzard bug (or location AoE where a run duration takes place?)

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Hello devs, I am reporting a bug which isn't a show stopper but I think should be looked at someday whenever you aren't busy (haha, like that'll ever happen..)  🙂


That said, I have found that if I drop Blizzard (maybe ice storm too, I actually didn't test it specifically) and then go up an elevator, Blizzard follows me up and down until it runs out.  This is a location AoE and should stay exactly where I drop it and not follow me up an elevator.


I am not an exploit kind of person so I've been unable to picture any scenario where this could be exploited for any real gain, so my apologies in advance if you consider this something that could be exploited for gain by the player base.


I've been able to replicate it on multiple indoor maps, so it wasn't something specific to any one individual map.


Best regards,


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  • Icecomet changed the title to Blizzard bug (or location AoE where a run duration takes place?)

It's unintended behavior for sure, but it has to do with how the power creates a pseudopet when you drop it.  The pseudopet is following you through the elevator like normal pets and other pseudopets exhibit similar behavior (Carrion Creeper Vines is a pretty well known example).  Why this is the case, couldn't tell you.

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There doesn't seem to be a pet/NPC setting for this, so my guess is that it's hardcoded somewhere in the generic pet handling code as a way to ensure that ambulatory pets follow their summoners through elevators and similar doors, but has no distinction for static pets.

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