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Dark Blast Abyssal Gaze anything similar?

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One of the powers I have really come to enjoy as a Dark Blaster is Abyssal Gaze.  I enjoy the look, but I LOVE the sound.  It is a weird electronic groan thing.  Are there any other Dark powers that are a clone of this?  Corruptor Petrifying Gaze maybe?  Thin possibility Controller ST Hold Dark Grasp?


Once you get addicted to a certain power you want to play it for years lol.  I still miss SS KO Blow.  Like a Warner Bros sound effect for a punch.

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Defender, Corruptor, and Mastermind get Petrifying Gaze in Dark Miasma, which I believe is the same animation and sound (by default) but doesn't do any damage or reduce the foes To Hit chance.  Their version is just a straight hold.  They can also use the Dark Servant who can also use Petrifying Gaze whenever it sees fit, which Controller can also have with Darkness Affinity.


Dark Grasp in Darkness Control for Controllers and Dominators isn't the same animation by default, however I believe the Abyssal/Petrifying Gaze animation and sound are an alternate customization option.


I believe Sentinels also get a dark based hold in their epic pool, however I think they only get to pick between the Soul Noir variant, or a version where the hold visual effect is the Tenebrous Tentacles instead, similar to Midnight Grasp from Dark Melee.  That said, Sentinels do get Abyssal Gaze in their version of Dark Blast anyway, so it's moot.


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I am sure you already know this, but with a little work and "cut and paste" you can replace most sounds in the game, and use existing sounds for other powers.
Make a comprehensive list of the ones you like. Find other sounds anywhere. I have a series of owl cries I have replaced all the sonic blast sounds with, because I play an owl character.

I use DBPowerAmp to edit .wav, .mp3 files and save them as .ogg files.
It takes some time to figure out the process, but if you are committed to a darkity dark dark character you can pull sounds from anywhere.
Want the opening music to to be a little more appropriate? You can do that....


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