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Video on Regen Scrapper

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It's about 30 minutes of mid-level (26) game play with me talking about my approaching to playing a /regen character. I do tend to ramble a bit, also, I tend to give into scrapper-lock occasionally and get a little lax on my own advice, but eh...

Bullet points in no particular order:

  • Hit and Run / Attrition
  • You can go down in an instant so always be ready to break off.
  • It takes a lot of room.
  • You benefit by making the fight take a long time. (this also makes fun drawn-out action sequences)
  • Soft controls and move-speed debuffs can help you string the enemy out.
  • Take advantage of the AI pathing to also keep them separated and avoid bundling in one place until you want them together.
  • To-hit and damage debuffs aid your survivability a lot.
  • Don't plan to need revive but don't consider using it a failure.
  • Avoid fighting at the sight of the spawn in order to make reviving easier.
  • Target minions to weed out the amount of damage coming at you to a manageable level.


And talking Savage Melee specifically with Regen

  • Blood Frenzy keeps your recharges fast, so don't use exhaust abilities willy nilly.
  • You're fighting attrition, not speed kill and high recharge keeps your heals coming faster.
  • Blood Thirst cancels Exhaustion, so if you have Blood Thirst ready go ahead and use an Exhaustion attack.
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