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Admiral Sutter TF


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Group Fly helps a bit, but that particular fight is a bit of a slog with melee only pets. Knowing the fight, and learning how and when to joust your pets helps, as it does when fighting Battle Maiden and the blue fire pools in a TinPex. I've fought both fights with a Beast/Time MM with no pet loss, so it can be done. Practice makes it better. 

@Force Redux on Everlasting

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being ranged helps a lot

resist based secondary like thermal or sonic

i cant remember if the airstrike is auto-hit or not, so unsure how useful saying high def pets are in this situation


But the hard truth is, get used to it.  later lots of auto hit stuff rips through your pets and/or enough cascading failure bits will screw you


have fun in itrials

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Based on these comments, this is why I am big on defense cap and being able to survive without the pets..  Meaning I try to make my builds where the pets are just another attack power nothing more.. 

I use the Num Keypad binds.. But my main commands are all follow.. all attack. all goto here.. All stay..  I pretty much pick a target and fight it until dead and move onto next. I try to go from highest to lowest.. 

But if they get wiped.  I can still do what I need to do solo to some degree. At a minimum have some ability to what I call turtle up.. Basically debuff and stay alive or if with Traps just drop trip mines until I get enough breathing room to re-summon pets..  



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