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RACE AROUND THE CHANTRY!!!! Event for Saturday July 3rd.

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Come on out for the RACE OF A LIFETIME!!!

EVENT: Race Around The Chantry!

WHEN: July 3rd   7:30pm EST the race will begin forming and at 8pm Est the race will start.  It will conclude once all participants have reached the end of the circle!

WHERE: The Chantry!!!  (either Use SG base portal to go there or Go to Peregrine and use portal corps Portal to go to Firebase Zulu and then use another portal to go to The Chantry)

DESCRIPTION:   This event is open to the first 42 participants to arrive! Participants will be invited into a league and the team leader will place the team in a LEVEL 15 Task force with NO TRAVEL POWERS!!! You will then wait for the race to begin and once started you are to use the geysers located on the map to go around full circle! Those who finish the race will at least receive 1 purple enhancement as a prize, with top 3 winners getting the prizes listed below!


UPDATE*** No (Blaster) Martial Arts secondary set allowed.



 1st Place will receive 1 Billion Influence

 2nd Place will receive 500 million Influence

 3rd Place will Receive any PURPLE/IO/ATO Set of YOUR CHOICE!

   Everyone else Will Receive 1 Purple Enhancement!

image.jpeg.fff2bbac25944db5faa2ed90fc667f79.jpeg image.jpeg.f5ea17a0a7ca37c1568b28ca4ba0fc34.jpeg



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32 minutes ago, VV said:

Not even Sprint? 

While I do not have any connection to the organizers of this event (so I can't speak to their rules), I can say that Sprint does not count as a travel power as far as the game is concerned. I did an Ouroboros story arc with the "No Travel Powers" restriction set recently, and it did allow me to Sprint. 

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