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What do consider “Soloing AVs” to mean?

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On 6/25/2021 at 9:20 AM, FeliciaDivine said:

I solo'd AVs (all of them) pre-incarnate with my dark defender and i got a LOT of flak because sometimes i used temp powers...but the fact is i did solo them with what was in the game...

A dark defender does not do a lot of damage so against Mary McComber i brought in a Shivan and against Rommy i brought in Longbow Cataphract and Vanguard HVAC to compensate.


Do not listen to people who say dont use this or that its silly...for example:

Your not a real Stone tank without your Granite Armor! Let's see you take Lord Recluse without it!!!

(the reason for the above quote was because i took out AVs without Tar Patch and "experts" said it was my most important power...it's all a matter of playstyle...i proved that...tar patch makes enemies scatter and run so you have to chase them and for the minor defence debuff your still better off popping 4 reds and yellows then setting off a Blackstar beside them...yes Lord Stryker you are correct Tar Patch is fantastic to aid a team...but we are talking about soloing here)


Players were happy to call me to face an AV because they knew i could defeat it even when a team could not...simply because i came prepared...and thats the bottom line 🙂

Felicia Divine - Dark Defender - AV KIller


I'm just quoting your first one, because I'm lazy and also my head hurts a little


You can solo Rom just fine without the extras if you understand the mechanic and break line of sight before he resurrects, also you can pull him off the platform to eliminate the ambushes, as far as Maria arc, Nightstar and AntiMatter are the only ones that are problematic on my scrapper when I solo them, not so problematic on my kiting fire/plant w/ capped ranged defense


Also, I've seen Rom tanked on stone tanks without Granite many times, it's all in the numbers and the support you have.


Oh, I do use incarnate powers, but all of those AV's were being solo'd by all sorts of builds before incarnates were in the game

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