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METAPLOT EXPERIMENT: Share your headcanon!

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@Palador Same brain! Same brain! A lot of my heroes worked via 'stipends' from city hall on live because they're obviously superpowered and most businesses wouldn't hire them.


I'm stealing your other stuff.




Okay for one of mine: I've been having the Outcasts start to reform solely as middle (wo)men for artifact smuggling in the wake of their dissolution instead of a straight street gang. A lot more number crunching, a lot less being set on fire.

I am @Chrono-Bot! SGs: Girls Gone Rogue Isles, The Helping Hands. Server: Everlasting!


I'm not NOT here to make friends.

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Two headcanons I got.

Firstly, there's a limited, set amount of 'meta souls' in the multiverse that those with the same name and loosely aligned destiny share. The odds there's so many men named Mark Cole who becomes not!superman is insanely small. So just in general everyone shares a strand of fate with other versions of themselves and while they may all vary in large or small ways. That person must and WILL exist around the same time as all their other versions of they.

Secondly, Heroes in paragon got the authority of state police to just not have to deal with jurisdiction shenanigans, and when testifying in court are 100% allowed to show up in costume and must be acknowledged by their alias to protect their Identity if they have one.

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On 11/7/2021 at 10:11 PM, Palador said:

* Overbrook has an unusually high population of heroes in the apartments there. That's because the company that owns the apartments felt that offering targeted discounts to heroes would make the building safer than the more hazardous area would suggest.


If I may bounce off of this, this is (sort of) canon!  The Newsman badge points out the Theodore Knight Building, which was a skyscraper that a bunch of different Supergroups shared as a (presumptively, more affordable) super base, and both Doc Delilah and, erm, Arachnos note that Faultline was just lousy with hero bases before the Incident, which is what makes it such prime territory for looters following the Incident.


So, there's evidence to suggest that Overbrook deliberately catered to/tried to entice heroes to develop it before the disaster, and I think that it stands to reason that they would continue to do so after the disaster

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A few more of my own headcanons that have come up in recent RP

  • Mutant and Science metahumans are not mandated, but strongly encouraged to get regular health checkups with a SERAPH or GIFT (or both) -employed clinical geneticist to screen for potentially-maladaptive complications of their superpowers.  Regenerators might develop cancer at an accelerated rate, for instance, or telekinetic flyers might experience muscle atrophy, or mutants who mimick animal biology might find themselves afflicted by similar problems to those animals (a lupine mutant might have the increased likelihood of heart problems that comes with certain dog breeds, a scaled mutant might develop dermatological conditions that are exacerbated by shedding, etc).  This requires a much closer-knit relationship with a much more specialized primary care provider than ordinary humans, and there are whole private practices of doctors that specialize in metahumans alongside the public option.
  • Shark lawyers who specialize in exonerating supervillains on technicalities are a plague in Paragon, as are 'a superhero fight broke my leg and destroyed my car'-type ambulance chasers.  Both were emboldened by Chris Jenkins, Attorney at Law, who is notorious as the trailblazing pioneer in the field of legal superhero profiteering, and widely hated by the cape community.  Due to the Citizen Crimefighting Act making costumed vigilantes function similarly to a roving police force, the FBSA keeps a pool for legal payouts, but heroes who get sued too often can often find themselves getting rerouted to crap work as a liability.
  • The Paragon Police Department maintains a sweeping CSI infrastructure to keep up with the absolutely ludicrous amount of crime scenes active in Paragon at any given time, but the need to employ many, many people to keep all those investigations running means that CSIs tend to be quirky, with relaxed restrictions on behavior and training compared to the frontliners.  Add this to the fact that one can only throw so many resources at 'another Fifth Column guy got gunned down, it's probably Council' and you have an overstaffed and under-respected field.
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