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What are your favorite things about Sentinels?

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My favorite thing about sentinels is their epic power pools, specifically psi mastery. I think I dedicate more power choices and slots to epic pool choices on sentinels than any other AT. I mean you have Mind Probe, Dominate, Psychic Shockwave, AND Link Minds available to you.. it's amazing. There's so many tools available to you in these sets (PBAoE attacks, melee attacks, heals, buffs, debuffs, CC's...) I was every AT had epic pools as diverse as the ones Sentinels have.

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I guess what I like *most* about Sentinels is the flexibility the builds allow.   In terms of survivability, Sentinels start out where my Corruptors/Blasters/Defenders could only hope to end up if I chased +Def or +Res set bonuses exclusively.   If I want to chase +Recharge or +Damage, or heck, +Movement, I am free to do that because I don't have to go nuts trying to keep the Sentinel upright.


Second thing, since survivability is pretty much built into the character, I am free to try new things out of pool powers and Incarnates, unlike pretty much every other AT where I am shoehorning these two out of Leadership, this one out of Leaping, those three out of Fighting, Clarion and so on.


Lastly, since nobody expects anything out of a Sentinel, I could take the whole dang Flight pool if I wanted, and not have people giving me side-eye for not making THIS choice or THAT choice, or failing to tuck just the right proc into THAT power.  I could post a janky Sentinel build right now, taking all the weird procs like the Tempest proc (go ahead, look it up) and  nobody would lean in and say, "you know, if you took THIS instead of THAT and slotted THIS over here, you could really trim your Pylon time down" or whatever, because damn near every Sentinel build is correct.   Is it alive?  Does it have more than one attack?  Looks fine to me! 


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Some 50ss: Burner Account (Fire/FF Ctrl) | Dr. Unconventional (Ill/Dark Ctrl) | Lawn Boy (Plant/Nat Ctrl) | Magma Lad (Fire/Kin Ctrl) | Metcalf (Grav/Kin Ctrl) | IcyBM (Ice/Trap Ctrl) | Jim With The Weather (Ice/Storm Ctrl) | Dr. Jonas (Mind/Poison Ctrl) | Coldwire (Elec/Cold Ctrl) | Pyrotoxin (Fire/Poison Ctrl) | Nature Jack (Earth/Poison Ctrl) | Voltswagen (Dark/EA Ctrl) | Time Vampire (Grav/Time Ctrl) | Tootboy (Fire/FF Ctrl) | Polarrhoid (Ice/TA Ctrl) | LoLEnEn (En/En Blast) | Draw (Rad/Rad Def) | Destroyo (Bots/Trap MM) | Con Carne (Rad/Bio Brute) | Senor Smoke (Rad/Fire Brute) | Something Else (TW/Bio Scrap) | Thermador (Rad/Fire Brute) | Electrovox (EA/Son Def) Danzigawatt (Demons/EA MM) | Costumed Adventurer (Fire/EA Ctrl) | Obscured Face Guy (Dark/Storm Ctrl) | Ohm Gott (EA/Dark Def) | Full Recharge (Fire/Storm Ctrl) Spacegrass (Fire/Nat Ctrl) Embarrassing Wetness (Water/EA Corr) Weather Permitting (Ill/Storm Ctrl) Herr Fryer (Fire/Traps Ctrl) Rainiac (Grav/Storm Ctrl) Stokes (Fire/TA Ctrl) Dismembrandt (DB/Bio Scrap) Multidudes (Ill/Traps Ctrl) Meshuggenaut (Inv/RM tank) Miss October (Fire/Dark Ctrl) Spastic Colonial (Elec/Dark Ctrl) Heroic Pyromaniac (Fire/En Blast) Gigantic Robot (TW/Fire Brute| and there's more where THAT came from

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