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Mastermind Inherent (Supremacy) Slotting Idea

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Masterminds are on the minds and lips of folks around here again (or, more to the point, as ever), and one of @Thrythlind's posts in General got me thinking . . . 


What if Supremacy could be Slotted with Enhancements to supplement Henchpets?

Slot a Healing Enhancement in Supremacy to increase the maximum HP of the Henchpets.

Slot a Run Speed or Jump Height to improve their mobility.

Slot a Resistance to improve the various Auto +Resist Powers many of the Henchies have.
Slot a Recharge to improve Damage dealt, Healing given, and Control Duration (since Henchpets are unaffected by Recharge, translate such in to raw improvements to the areas which Recharge would have affected).


Accuracy and Damage shouldn't be slottable, since they're already covered by the Henchpet Powers themselves.



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10 hours ago, TheZag said:

Its not exactly the same as adding enhancements,  but dominators use global recharge to improve their domination so this isnt completely without precedent.


Careful what you wish for, as domination is both a blessing and a curse in this regard. 

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Well . . . if Domination could be Slotted with Recharge but was unaffected by Global Recharge, what would that look like?

But that's a question for an entirely different thread!


Some other ideas for this thread:

Slot Knockback Enhancements to give Henchies increased Knockback Resistance (like how Acrobatics slotting works).
Confuse Enhancements to give Confusion Protection.
[Control-type] Enhancement for [Control-type] Protection.

Making this work would take a little magic, obviously.  Supremacy already does some interesting contortionist gymnastics in terms of code, as I understand it.  Tacking more "stuff" on to it might run some risks of breakage.  But like @TheZag says:  It's something to discuss, if for no other reason than to give the Devs some ideas about which directions to explore.

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