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My ideal on the attack sets weapons et al...

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Ideally, weapon or no weapon would be an entirely cosmetic thing and the power set would be pure effects. This is largely unfeasible given how deep some of the mechanics are that would need to be changed to accommodate this, plus it would make it necessary to rename a lot of things.


For example, if you could replace the guns on Assault Rifle or Dual Pistols with hand gestures you could fluff it as a telekinetic power. Beam Rifle could be a built in arm cannon a la Iron Man. If you wanted to, you could have wands or staves for Fire Blast or Dark Blast for a magic theme....


On the melee side, a lot of this is pretty good already, but, for instance, it would be nice to have the option for axes in dual blades... or baseball bats (though this would create the silliness of bats doing slashing) Having a weapon for Dark Melee or Fiery Melee would also be interesting, and yeah, Fiery Melee has it's manifested fire-swords, but maybe a mace would be interesting... or heck, Electrical Melee with a mace in hand as a sort of taser-mace.


Just that sort of things.


Not appropriate to everything of course... but Lightning Guns, Wands, Staves, enchanted and Cursed blades etc...

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3 hours ago, Thrythlind said:

(though this would create the silliness of bats doing slashing

DB isn't slash its lethal (like the effect, not a weapon type from fantasy MMO), damage of a bat is lethal when when you smash someone with blunt force trauma.  AR for example, is considered lethal damage when shot in the upper body but when it hits its blunt force trauma upon impact.  Knives might be considered a slashing effect in an MMO, but the actual result is lethal after the cut.


So, anything goes with the suggestion when you hand wave it.  Animation time and conversion would be a huge amount of effort to do so.

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