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Patron power arc badges

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I did Black Scorpion's arc to get "The Stinger" badge. I need the other 3 but can't seem to get anyone to give me missions. That arc is totally done, and my missions list is empty yet Arbiter Rein gives me the busy message, and all the other patrons refuse to speak to me.  Black Scorpion will give me "Chink in the Armor"


Does this mean I have to do all of the rest of his story arcs? Does anyone know how else to do these? can I do them through flashback/Ouro? Thanks.

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1 hour ago, jlk819 said:

can I do them through flashback/Ouro?

Yes.  That is THE way to do multiple patron arcs.

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I used to hail from Infinity.  Mainly on Everlasting, now.

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If you're badge hunting, you're going to have to do all the patron arcs for a badge anyway. This means you need to ouro all four arcs on the three patrons you didn't choose.

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