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Brute Kinetic Melee Taunt has incorrect stacking

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I will admit that I haven't actually tested this out in-game, since I don't have a KM brute. But City of Data shows that the Brute version of Kinetic Melee's taunt power has the taunt aspect set up to stack with itself, which would let a KM brute stack up way more taunt on an enemy than they should be able to.


I have no idea how you'd ever actually abuse this, so it's almost certainly a really minor thing, but I still figured I'd toss a report out there about it.


As a related note: Brute KM, TW, Rad Melee, and Savage Melee are the only four Brute attack sets whose taunt power applies the -range component to all enemies. This one definitely is actually a buff to those four sets, but because it's four of them, not just one, I have no clue if this is intentional or not. I'm not sure if the HC folks would even know if it was, but it's an interesting little inconsistency, so I figured I'd mention it here.

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