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Retrobytz's character list (2021-07-15)

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Remark 1: I'm a semi-serious RP'er. Meaning that I usually RP when playing my characters, but you won't see me hang out with other RP'ers in any zone much. Still, if you see any of my characters expect them to reply in-character.


Remark 2: Probably contrary to the usual RP rules/expectations: Anything I say in Team-chat is out-of-character, unless the entire team is RP. But everything I say in Local-chat is in-character, even when I'm in a team. So you may find me spamming Local-chat with all kinds of in-character chatter while doing missions, yet being very quiet on Team-chat. (As a person I'm not the chatty kind, but some of characters are extremely chatty)


Remark 3: This list is incomplete and may change without notice.





Star Jewel (Mutation Blaster:  Energy Blast / Energy Manipulation)

  • Born with powers but hidden until 16. Moved to Paragon City after school incident. Trained to become hero.
  • Killed during intense battle with SJ-X4 android.
  • Reborn months later from DNA residue found by Emberflair.


Emberflair (Magic Controller: Fire Control / Kinetics)

  • Gained magic powers from a space-stone.
  • Ex-girlfriend of Omegamax.


Mystfury (Magic Defender: Storm Summoning / Electric Blast)

  • Sister of Star Jewel.
  • Not born with powers. Got powers from magic spells cast by CoT and Emberflair.


Novaspark (Peacebringer)

  • Daughter of Star Jewel. (father unknown)
  • Inherited powers from mother.
  • Came from the future.


Dawnshade (Science Dominator: Darkness Control / Dark Assault)

  • Orphan at birth.
  • Kidnapped at 9 by mad scientist and experimented on. Escaped at 12 when Star Jewel's team raided the lab.
  • Was trained and joined Star Jewel's team.


Lumitia (Natural Controller: Illusion Control / Radiation Emmision)

  • Alien princess.
  • Crashed spacecraft on earth, rescued by Dawnshade.
  • Trained by Emberflair and joined Star Jewel's team.


Omegamax (Magic Scrapper: Energy Melee / Energy Aura)

  • Gained magic powers from a space-stone.
  • Ex-boyfriend of Emberflair


Miss Unity (Science Brute: Street Justice / Willpower) 

  • Member of WWII resistance group in Europe.
  • Injured during transport mission.
  • Rescued and infused with experimental potion to become super soldier.
  • (think Captain America but without the shield)





SJ-X4 (Technology Sentinel: Beam Rifle / Electric Armor)

  • Android created to assist Star Jewel.
  • Software malfunctioned and became evil.
  • Has one mission, to kill Star Jewel.


Umbraflare (Magic Dominator: Darkness Control / Fiery Assault)

  • Mirror image of Emberflair created by magic spell cast by Emberflair that didn't go as intended.
  • Thinks she's the hero while Emberflair and friends are villains she needs to take down.


Haitaka (Natural Stalker: Ninja Blade / Ninjitsu)

  • Highly trained personal guard of Japanese mob-boss.
  • Boss was accidentally killed after being arrested by Star Jewel's team.
  • She's hunting down team members as revenge, because she thinks she failed her boss.



Edited by Retrobytz
Updated descriptions; Changes to powersets;

@retrobytz ~ Everlasting ~ usually online daily between 18:00 and 20:00 UTC
Signature Characters: Star Jewel | Emberflair | Mystfury | Lumitia | Miss Unity | 

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