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wanna make a therm/?

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so after loving a demon/therm MM. i love how it is helpful to almost every team. id like to be able to be more active then a MM is..


atm i think therm/cold or therm/sonic. but unsure


i have a few bil so funding along the way or at max is not a problem.(plan on no AE on this toon at all)


just lost on if i build for S/L or range and a bit of AoE


any builds are welcome.  not realy worried about what epic. do lean towards psychic just cause it fills a res/def hole. but if im in the back does not realy matter

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On my thermal defender, I went with a water blast secondary. Most of the abilities in water have a -def component, so I proc'd some of the powers with achille's heel and force feedback +recharge for more -def, -resist, faster recharge on my long cooldown thermal debuffs.

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