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Need some advice for a scrapper build


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Hey forum, I have a strong theme in mind for a scrapper but don't know enough about to the game to make an educated decision about what powersets to run. I have a list of candidate primary and secondary powersets that fit my theme and would like some advice about how the sets would play together and which combinations would perform well.



  • Claws
  • Street Justice
  • Savage Melee


  • Energy Aura
  • Invulnerability
  • Radiation Armor
  • Regeneration
  • Willpower


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All the mentioned secondaries have a taunt aura except Regen, if that's the deciding factor.  Taunt auras are a quality of life concern for scrappers, unless you like to chase down people running away from you, which does have some visceral appeal when new to the game.  When you have a taunt aura, the bad guys stay and fight you instead of trying to flee, so you can see how that would be convenient.


Claws has good area of effect damage, as does Savage Melee, so any secondary should be fine with them.  Street Justice is a little anemic where area damage is concerned, so you might consider a secondary with some additional AOE if you go that direction.  Radiation Armor has two AOE attacks in the secondary that become very powerful when slotted with damage procs, so that might be a good pairing.  If you like the idea of damage procs in AOE powers, Savage/Rad would give you three devastating proc bombs.  (check this link for more info on damage procs and how they work)


Note that strong AOE isn't necessary to play the game, but min/maxxers tend to favor it for clear speed.


Purely for style, Street Justice/Inv has my vote.  Until scrappers get super strength, that's Luke Cage.

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