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"Feedback" thread option: like "slow mode" for forums

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Basic idea: a type of thread that any given user can only post in once/day.


If possible, an extension to the idea would be the ability for site staff to use a reaction (probably Thanks) to unlock that user to supply an additional post before reset.


I envision this as staff-only, mainly for making focused feedback threads.

It could also feasibly be opened up to regular posters when creating new threads, but I think you would need to omit the "thanks, please continue" mechanism.


This is not a perfect idea, but it's something I think could really cut down on

  1. The amount of loud minority posting
  2. The amount of forum warrior battling that makes those threads stupid amounts of long.
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On 7/18/2021 at 8:04 PM, Glacier Peak said:

This is already a thing on the HC Discord.

That is what I referenced, yes. Of course, the Discord wait on HC is set to something like 30s in most channels, and the general pace of Discord is not conducive to dev cycle feedback.


The goal is to take the idea of Discord's slow mode and dial it all the way up into something a developer can easily digest and reference (Discord's greatest weaknesses for feedback), a moderator can easily moderate, and a player can quickly understand and evaluate what is worth responding to.


It will definitely lead to very verbose posts, but I imagine it would easily knock 20 pages off the more controversial topics.

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