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Superior Command of the Mastermind set not counting as Unique

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It doesn't look like the "Unique" tag isn't working or enabled on the Superior Command of the Mastermind sets on the Brainstorm server,  I don't know if the bug impacts Live or not.  I didn't want to spend the INF to test on Live. 


You can slot 6 the Superior Command of the Mastermind sets on multiple pets.    The set bonuses appear to count also, I saw the Combat Attributes Window counting things more than one time    The only thing that doesn't count more than one time is the AOE resist proc.  Also a quick test on the damage buff portion did raise my damage hit on fireball by a couple points when I added in a second and third fully six slotted IO's to my pets.



- EDIT-  I just tested and it impacts Live also.  I will repost there.



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