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The Legacy Guard - A home for those who need one!

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"We honor the past, we guard the present and we forge the future!"



Forging a Legacy together:


  • No Experience Requirement (Newbie Friendly)!
  • All playstyles welcome/encouraged (no judgement here).
  • Work as a team (even when going solo throughout Paragon and all it's nooks and crannies)
  • Discord Server Participation is appreciated but not required
  • Promote kindness to other Heroes (and Villains)!
  • Respect for our fellow Supergroups out there as it is hard enough to manage one!
  • We do utilize Mids Reborn for all your build planning needs. (Credit to their hard work!)



About this Group:


This is a casual, play at your own pace group for those who just want to wind down and have fun, with all the benefits of events, badge hunting, raids, farming - etc. If you consider joining, this is not a storage facility for inactive toons, we still value being an active teaming community!


I am looking for Active Leadership for both our Discord and In-Game. (As it's been 10 years since I've truly played, It's harder to do it all alone. 😅)

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Ironing out the details.
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You can't be me...

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I want to add:


I'm personally active from 6am EST. I am however changing schedules to 5pm EST or later. Essentially I'm on at odd times.


I am easy to contact through the Discord (link) server, my user name Evol Deluxe (link) and my in-game global @The Game Changer.


Have an awesome day and be the best version of you that you can! Take care everyone!

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You can't be me...

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