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Bio help needed for Incarnate SoA

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Hello COH RP community


I recently started delving into the COH storyline (after having never read the in game storyline details except for the sunset AMA interview post) and decided to try adding a bio to my fully incarnated crab Spider SoA.  The problem is that he's "Natural" origin and all his attacks use the little gun (not even the spider backpack) that all SoA archetype uses in the early levels.  Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on an interesting back story or a way to logically explain how his powers/attacks become so powerful as an incarnate when he's shooting everything from his tiny BB gun as a "Natural" origin character?

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One word. Arbiter.  Right from the first story arcs in Mercy these Arachnos soldiers are enshrined in a Judge Dredd mystique.  As you research a little about them I am sure you could get a hook into how a SoA could get involved in insanely powerful plots that would lead them to the Well and the next level of power

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