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Tips Missions and Exploration Badges

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From the Issue 27, Page 2 patch notes:



All zones which can be unlocked in the Long Range Teleporter have Tour Guide Missions set up (apart from Pocket D and Kallisti Wharf)


In practical terms this means that any zone with a base portal (aside from Pocket D and Kallisti, as mentioned) can drop tour guide missions. The list of zones with a base portal was revised in Issue 27, Page 1 when the Long Range Teleporter was introduced. The list is in the Issue 27, Page 1 patch notes (about midway down, or search for 'Complete Base Portal List').


Last I heard the plan was to expand the tour guide missions to other zones with exploration badges in future issues/pages, until eventually all (or at least the vast majority) of exploration badges had accompanying tour guide missions. Tour guide missions will drop while street-sweeping in the listed zones as long as you have un-earned exploration badges in that zone.

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Ok, so basically, if I want the exploration tips missions to pop up, I just need to fight mobs, any mobs, on the streets of that zone. I need to stay away from instanced door missions. 


I know I can get the badges with map overlays or just by googling them, but I like getting them this way.


Thank you for all the help.

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37 minutes ago, Luminara said:


Exploration tips drop at the same rate from all ranks.

Are you sure about this?  I recall reading in release notes somewhere that rank did affect drop rate.


Also, just adding to the thread details... you can only have 1 tip at a time from each zone... so if you have one from atlas park, you can't get another one from atlas until you drop it or complete it.

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33 minutes ago, Shred Monkey said:

Are you sure about this?  I recall reading in release notes somewhere that rank did affect drop rate.


You're right.  I was wrong.  It's in the patch notes that @AboveTheChemist linked.  👍


Though, since they can drop from greys, it's really not worth encouraging anyone to hunt bosses for a slightly improved drop rate when one-shotting an entire spawn of deep greys will likely have better results.

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