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The Summon Set you've all been waiting for: SEND IN THE CLOWNS!

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First of all, this is my first post on here, so I hope I'm doing this right/posting it in the right place, etc.

Without further ado...I've been sitting on this idea since before I was aware of Homecoming, and it's not just a joke anymore!!!


CLOWNS (Summon)

Available to: Masterminds

Set Color: Neon Orange-on-Dark Fuchsia


The King of Fools. The Psycho Circus. The Greatest Show on Earth. That's you. Whether they're escaped lunatics, deviant thugs, or honest-to-goodness professional performance artists who have turned to the dark side, you lead a coterie of clowns with a 'killer' sense of humor. The warped minds and unnatural nature of clowns protect them from Energy, Negative Energy, Psionic and (to a lesser extent) Toxic damage, and from immobilize, hold, fear and confusion effects. Your personal attacks are very flashy and exceptionally deadly, but also take extra time to execute.


1) Juggling Act – You juggle a few miniature grenades and toss them your opponent's way, knocking it back a bit from the explosions.

Damage: Moderate Lethal/Fire (DoT) Recharge: Fast


2) Augustes – you summon up to 3 rank-and-file clowns armed with various props, pranks, and gimmicks.


Happy Clown:

-Joy Buzzer – electrical Energy melee attack

-Squirting Flower – ranged Toxic attack

-Super Leap


Sad Clown:

-Cane Bash – limited-range melee Smashing attack

-Squirting Flower – ranged Toxic attack

-Super Leap


Weird Clown:

-Joy Buzzer – electrical Energy melee attack

-Miniature Bomb – Fire/Lethal ranged attack with knockdown

-Super Leap


3) Knife-Throwing Act – You artfully toss a few knives at your opponent, dealing serious damage and causing wounds that bleed for additional damage over time.

Damage: Superior Lethal (DoT) Recharge: Moderate


4) Clown College – you educate your minions to unlock new skills and tricks.


Grants Happy Clown:

-Floppy Shoe Stomp – melee Smashing attack may knock down nearby enemies

-Horn Honk – Energy/Smashing short-ranged attack may disorient


Grants Sad Clown:

-Cane Yank – slightly stronger-but-slower than Cane Bash, pulls target closer

-Seltzer – ranged attack deals Smashing/Cold damage, greatly decreases accuracy


Grants Weird Clown:

-Pie – slow Toxic/Smashing ranged attack may knock down and/or disorient

-Chattering Teeth – ranged attack deals Lethal/Smashing damage over time, immobilizes


Grants Blade Harlequin:

-Typhoon's Edge

-Vengeful Slice

-Combat Jumping

-Rise to the Challenge

-Harlequin Duo – passive aura grants Plasma Harlequin defense and attack rate bonus


Grants Plasma Harlequin:

-Jacob's Ladder


-Combat Jumping

-Beta Decay

-Harlequin Duo – passive aura grants Blade Harlequin defense and attack rate bonus


Grants Pierrot:


-Jinx – lowers a target's defense, accuracy, and resistance to control effects; very fast

-Rapier Swipe – as Rapier Thrust, but less accurate and more damage


5) Glass-Eating Act – You ingest some delicious glass and then spew it back in a cone at your enemies – being a trained professional, you don't get hurt, but the glass shards dig into your enemies' flesh and cause agonizing wounds that lower their defense and damage resistance.

Damage: Superior Lethal Recharge: Moderate


6) Harlequins – summons up to two Harlequins. Harlequins are fierce and flamboyant fighters.


Blade Harlequin:

-Nimble Slash

-Ablating Strike


-Super Leap


Plasma Harlequin:


-Havoc Punch

-Lightning Reflexes

-Super Leap


7) Saving Face – Don't get caught with egg on your face – get caught with face on your egg!!! You have painted your likeness on an eggshell, thereby storing your power in a safe place for when you need it. If you are defeated, you can unleash the power you have stored in the eggshell, granting you and all your henchclowns a new lease on life and protecting you from experience debt for 90 seconds.

Recharge: Very Long


8) Pierrot – summons a solitary, subtle, and sinister Pierrot.



-Rapier Thrust – accurate Lethal melee attack deals additional bleeding damage

-Evil Eye – ranged Negative Energy attack with to-hit debuff and remote chance of terror

-Stasis – freezes target in time, holding and dealing Negative Energy damage



9) Ringmaster – you and your minions have mastered the clowning art, and with this power you unlock their greatest abilities.


Grants Happy Clown:

-Aoogah – severe Energy/Smashing damage in cone may disorient; slow recharge


Grants Sad Clown:

-Cane Rebuff – damage/speed as Cane Yank, knocks target back a great deal


Grants Weird Clown:

-Balloon – summons a kamikaze balloon that explodes for Energy damage; long recharge


Grants Blade Harlequin:

-Blinding Feint

-Sweeping Strike


Grants Plasma Harlequin:

-Breath of Fire

-Lightning Rod


Grants Pierrot:

-Combat Teleport

-Coup De Grace – strong rapier attack deals more damage to more injured enemies; slow cooldown

-Death Shroud

-Gaze of Unspeakable Horror – passive ability that randomly terrifies, holds, or confuses a nearby enemy for a few seconds


Example Character Concept: The Incorrigible Yorick! (Roguish Clowns/Dark Miasma Magic Mastermind)



As they say on the old Satellite of Love: What do you think, sirs???


EDIT: Thanks for the update on "pulling" mechanics!


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Also, is there some way I can turn off "auto-emoticons"?

"8)" keeps morphing needlessly into a happyface (not that this would be innappropriate, but given that this is the format I've been using for all my Powerset ideas, it could get...annoying).

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  1. Nice set. It reminds me of "Killer Klowns from Outer Space." 🙂
  2. Yes. The Homecoming developers have implemented a pull that is not a knock forward, but a reverse of repel. I'm sure that would work.
  3. The best way to stop 8 ) from becoming a smiley is to use the outline function and let it add the numbers to your post.
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Being constantly offended doesn't mean you're right, it just means you're too narcissistic to tolerate opinions different than your own.

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4 hours ago, Haijinx said:



Why isn't there a gang war clone called "clown car"?

Because it's "send in the CLOWNS", not "send in the CLONES" - why would I want a "clone" when I could do something ORIGINAL?

No other Summon set to date has a tier-7 power like this one - and shouldn't EVERY tier-7 Summon set power aspire to be unique among its kin?

Besides, the clown car can still be featured by being the literal vehicle by which the Augustes show up; I think that would be fun-on-a-bun.

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