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Everyone TALKS about it, but nobody DOES anything about it - WHIP IT GOOD!

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My take on that which every player wants for Statesmas, but all of Santa-Statesman's techno-elves dread:


WHIP (Melee)

Available to: Stalkers, Scrappers, Tankers

Set Color: Brown-on-Beige


Whips do inferior damage compared to other Melee sets, but make up for it in speed, low endurance cost, and limited range – the whip has the greatest reach of any Melee powerset, but note that it does not benefit from range Enhancements.


1) Snap – a quick, basic attack with your whip. The stinging pain will temporarily reduce the target's damage resistance.

Damage: Minor Lethal Recharge: Very Fast


2) Lash – a stronger but slower attack than Snap that reduces the target's damage resistance.

Damage: Moderate Lethal Recharge: Fast


3) Flog (ScrapperTanker) – a harder, slower strike with your whip that leaves a deep, bleeding wound, dealing additional damage over time. Damage: Moderate Lethal Recharge: Moderate


Trip (Stalker) – trips your foe, knocking it down and causing it to take damage from the fall.

Damage: Minor Smashing Recharge: Fast


4) Trip (Scrapper)


Assassin's Lash (Stalker) – signature Stalker attack.

Damage: Special Recharge: Slow


Taunt (Tanker)


5) Build Up


6) Confront (Scrapper)


Placate (Stalker)


Trip (Tanker)


7) Loop – you swing your whip in a circle around you, damaging all nearby enemies and lowering their damage resistance.

Damage: Moderate Lethal Recharge: Moderate


8) Crack of Doom – you put all your focus and artistry into this powerful and agonizing attack that reduces the target's damage resistance a great deal.

Damage: Superior Lethal Recharge: Moderate


9) Death Spiral – You spin your whip in a wide arc around your head, causing a sonic boom so powerful that it deals heavy Energy damage to and disorients all enemies near you.

Damage: High Energy Recharge: Slow


Example Character Concept: The Exciting Oregon Andersen! (Heroic Whip/Willpower Natural Scrapper)

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The only downside with coming up with whip sets (which have been asked for in one flavor or another since ... well, demon MMs got whips, if not before) is that the animation for them is apparently exceptionally difficult and time consuming, even compared to other sets (creating MM pets aside.)


That said, I'd think this sort of setup you're describing is more viable just because you're not trying to grapple/rope/wrap someone in the whip (another of those "engine can't do it, apparently" things.) Closest thing here is "trip" which should be just as doable as Staff's toe-poking attack (again, aside from animation woes for whips.)

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I tried to combine Circle and DE, but all I got were garden variety evil mages.

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I may be wrong, but I don't think we've even seen any new animations since Sunset.  The few new emotes that showed up during SCoRE were made by the Legacy Devs and were already in the beta files, as I understand it.  So, on top of the challenges associated with Whip animations in particular, we might not have -any- new animations for a while yet.


I personally don't mind recycling animations within a single Set, though.  I mean, works fine for Assault Rifle.  I'm fine with in for a new Whip Set.  I just know there are some players who express a very firm opinion contrary to mine in this regard.


In any event, there was @Steampunkette's very interesting take on the idea a little while ago this year:



Which, in turn, inspired my version:


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