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Defeat, Debt, and Resurrection

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Getting back to the original topic. I think it's a neat idea, but it honestly wouldn't inspire me to take rez powers. As others have noted, debt is so minor as to generally be a non-issue for me. The nuisance of getting back from the hospital is far more of an irritant than accrued debt is.


The reason I avoid them isn't that people get debt anyway, it's that there are so many other options for easy rezzing. P2W, Day Job powers (some of the few worth having), Awaken inspirations, combining other inspirations, and maybe others I'm missing. Devoting valuable power slots to something I can easily achieve via other means is hard to justify.


I like where TheZag was going. Howling Twilight is the one "rez" that's a no-brainer for me because it's a power that has good utility even when no one is down. Sure, it'll rez my cannon fodd... err, teammates, if needed, but more importantly, it shuts down a hard target's regen. And that part works whether my teammates are alive or dead or even if I'm soloing.


If other rez powers offered some form of secondary effects that worked even when no one was staring at the floor tiles, I think they'd be a lot more attractive. Powers that require a dead teammate (or worse being dead yourself) before they can do anything at all are a hard sell for me.

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6 minutes ago, Yoru-hime said:

Sure, it'll rez my cannon fodd... err


One sec I'm rezzing you all, I have something in my eye *clicking vengeance*.  Some powers just scream, I welcome my teammate's death.  

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So my first thought, at least regarding the self-rez powers in defense sets, is that I'm a heck of a lot more likely to take those than the "godmode" powers that they often stand in for.  Self-rezzes do what they're meant to do right "out of the box" with no need for extra enhancement slots and although defeats may be somewhat rare (although I'm a firm believer in "if you ain't dying, you ain't trying" anyway), I'm not sure they present any less situational need than the supercharging Defense/Resistance at the cost of a crash.

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