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Blessing KB Slotted, Not Getting Protection When Exemp

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I slotted 2 Blessings of the Zephyr in TP Target and TP.  Both available when Exemplared.


Not getting the protection and getting knocked around silly.


IT also doesn't activate after use.


Submitted a ticket.

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Level of the IO is important when exemping. attuned fixes that as it then adjusts to your lvl . anything +/- 3 levels from the IOs level and its unavilable.  you can easily attune them with catalysts since they are already slotted

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19 hours ago, amagi said:


I thought if the power was available, the IO was available.



The power doesn't have to be available actually, if the IOs are attuned or the proper level that is all that matters.

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19 hours ago, CoX4ever said:

 anything +/- 3 levels from the IOs level and its unavilable. 

This isn't quite accurate.  Generally, with some exceptions, an IO's bonus will not work if the character's combat level is more than three levels below the level of the IO.  However, it will work no matter how many level higher the character's combat level is.  A level 10 Blessing of the Zephyr will provide KB protection all the way up to 50+.

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40 minutes ago, JayboH said:

My understanding is that you need either 4 or 12 and 8 pts doesn't actually do anything since kb is either under 4 pts or 10.

    Not so much that it doesn't do anything as it is a very limited number of foes that do both more than 4 and still less than 8.  Now if for some reason you're regularly fighting those foes because you enjoy some content where you encounter them more often it might be worth it or you're a melee oriented AT or build might go that way but often in those cases those are the builds that will go to 12.  And if your build doesn't build to the soft cap or above you'll tend to get hit more often increasing the need for protection.  And last, plain and simply, your tolerance for getting knocked around.  If it drives you bonkers well more protection might be worth it.


See HCwiki article "Knockback/Enemies with knockback powers"  lists the various foes and the magnitudes of those attacks.  Keep in mind the Purple Patch applies.

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