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Dune trailer - July 2021


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This is looking fantastic.  The last two attempts missed the mark.  The 1984 version crammed too much book into too little on-screen time (and did a botch job on the Baron), and the miniseries had too thin a budget, and left out an important element (1984 didn't).  The real story lies somewhere between and with a lot more flesh on its bones.


I hear  in a general sense that the internet has been a buzz with controversy, though I'm not sure what.  I suppose it has something to do, at least in part, with a gender change on one of the strong secondary character roles.  Perhaps there's something else, though.  Regardless of what the debate covers, I'm merely asking for a faithful interpretation.  Herbert's works are rich in lore, and don't need tampering.  I'm willing to give a little on the small bits of humor seen in a couple of spots in the trailer.  It feels more like a house of warm-hearted people, even if it is not in the books.


I'm interested to see a couple of spoilery plot points:


The miniseries left out the "weirding way" a major source of power for Paul and his mother, and later the Fremen.  I'd like to see that reintroduced.


I'm also curious to see this film's interpretation of the Guild Navigators and the Bene Gesserit.  Each of the last two works had very different looks to these.


One element in the movies continues to puzzle me:  why are movie stillsuits black? It's been years since I read the book and I don't recall a color or pattern being named, but black is the hottest color to wear in the desert.  It feels like it would increase dehydration, even if the suit reprocesses most.  I'd have thought the suits would be colored in lighter tones, more like a tan or khaki to match the desert sand.




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18 hours ago, Haijinx said:

It looks fantastic.  Even better than the first teaser trailer.  


Until then I think the best performed version is the multiple voice actor audiobook.  

I've never heard the audiobook.  Didn't even previously know that it existed.


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