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So here's my packaged solution for anyone who finds a Kheldian too difficult to manage/master at the UI level.


1. Visit Null the Gull, pull your TP power/s out of the pop-up tray, and have him disable it.


2. Create the following macros:

/macro_image BlackKnights_Fade "Human Form" "powexectoggleoff Dark Nova$$powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$goto_tray 1"
/macro_image BlackKnights_GrantCover "Nova Form" "powexectoggleon Black Dwarf$$goto_tray 9"
/macro_image BlackKnights_Resistance "Dwarf Form" "powexectoggleon Black Dwarf$$goto_tray 8"


3. Arrange your trays as follows, with any small variations you like.

  • I always swap out Athletic Run for Sprint, you may prefer something else.
  • I always keep Rest in Tray 1/Slot 10, for keybind reasons. Again, your option.
  • I use a pair of binds to drive TP powers, use whatever works for you.
  • My three shield powers are on movement-auto-fire.












And, I maintain small separate trays for all the added TP powers, and the BadgeDRADIS icons. Use or ignore, as you prefer.




You can now switch forms and roll the primary tray with one macro click among those three in the top tray. I also bind those commands to my extra mouse buttons, something that works for me:

CTRL+BUTTON4 "powexectoggleon Dark Nova$$goto_tray 9"
ALT+BUTTON4 "powexectoggleon Black Dwarf$$goto_tray 8"
CTRL+BUTTON5 "powexectoggleoff Dark Nova$$powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$goto_tray 1"


...adapt as you like. I can throw in a bunch of standard support binds I use for TP, Rest etc. but that's the basic — and to me, very simple and easy to manage — Kheld control system.


Here's my doubled-up quick-TP bind, which works on the Q key but does not work on double-click, very annoying:

Q "powexeclocation cursor Shadow Step$$powexeclocation cursor Black Dwarf Step"

LeftDoubleClick "powexecname Shadow Step"
CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "powexecname Black Dwarf Step"
ALT+LeftDoubleClick "powexecname Shadow Recall"


Oh, and substitute powers for PBs, of course.


Missing here, I should note, are five or six of my "standard" binds found on most  of my alts... because K's just don't need them. 🙂

So if anything, I find the UI for Khelds a little simpler than most...



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Tacking on, here... I really like my TP system of double-click to go, with Q firing a one-key TP shot as well. I often use the mouse and click to make the first travel jump and then keep tapping Q to move along. Very convenient, almost works out of the box for the Kheld TP powers.


The bug here is that you can't stack powers on the double-click, although it works as a bind or macro such as the Q bind above. (The mutual cancellation of powers with Kheld modes is the only reason stacked powers work at all, here... you normally can't put two combat or active powers on one bind.)


So a little tweaking and complexity, and here's how to make TP work "right" when switching between Hooman and Dwarf modes. Rolling bind files are needed...


First, you need two rolling bind files:

[kheld-tp-1.txt] LeftDoubleClick "powexecname Black Dwarf Step"
[kheld-tp-2.txt] LeftDoubleClick "powexecname Shadow Step"


Then you need to re-roll two of those macros (Nova one included for convenience, but it doesn't change):

/macro_image BlackKnights_Fade "Human Form" "bindloadfilesilent kheld-tp-2.txt$$powexectoggleoff Dark Nova$$powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$goto_tray 1"
/macro_image BlackKnights_GrantCover "Nova Form" "powexectoggleon Black Dwarf$$goto_tray 9"
/macro_image BlackKnights_Resistance "Dwarf Form" "bindloadfilesilent kheld-tp-1.txt$$powexectoggleon Black Dwarf$$goto_tray 8"


(If you used something like the mouse button binds, adapt these command strings to those.)


Then it helps to write this bind to LeftDoubleClick, either as a single action or (especially & pro tip) by editing your keybind file:

[/bind] LeftDoubleClick "powexecname Shadow Step"


...and with the Q bind from above, for convenience:

[/bind] Q "powexeclocation cursor Shadow Step$$powexeclocation cursor Black Dwarf Step"


...you're good to go (and go-go-go) in all Kheld modes.


I have various tweaks to include the "Combat TP" powers in this system, but it would get pretty hairy trying to do all the switching. I suggest putting/stacking those powers on CTRL+LeftDoubleClick, using an adaptation of what's here. (Full writeup if anyone wants it.)

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