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Eden Trial Ambrosia Inspirations not dropping, Essence of Earth (rarely) dropping.


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I've encountered the problem the title states three times today, all when the bridge room where the Ambrosia are supposed to drop have mobs that are level 54. At level 40+0 it worked fine, at 50+0 it worked fine, and there's another post on the forum which details that it worked fine with 50+2, which may be the highest notoriety can go while things still remain functional. Tested at 50+3 and 50+4 both resulted in level 54 Greater Devoureds in the bridge room and no Ambrosia dropping.


While no Ambrosia dropped Essence of the Earth inspirations did, though it was quite rare.


Whether this is some kind of interaction with the change in the level cap to the trial or some weird interaction with other things, it seems like things just can't be level 54 and drop the Ambrosia.

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