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On 9/8/2021 at 6:33 PM, Techwright said:

Zombie Thanos already had the Time Stone, but that's why Ebony Maw was dispatched to Bleeker Street. 




Thanos got the Time Stone some time after the Bleeker Street fight.


What's there to explain?

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5 hours ago, DougGraves said:

Before I bother watching this episode - does a hero fight another hero in it?

Only very briefly, like for a few seconds of confusion.  No this is definitely a villain verses the heroes kind of episode.


Good episode, in my opinion.  Definitely took things in an unexpected direction.  I do have a grievance with one element of the episode, though, although it is minor in light of the whole.


I'm not happy by how they glossed over the frame-up at the vibranium theft.  Both Waukanda and the USA would be pouring over that room looking for detailed forensic evidence (fingerprints, DNA, angles of attack, etc.) long before pointing fingers of blame.  Seeing a unique gun into the hands of a dead man is not cause to start a war without so much more.


Likewise glossing over Eric showing up and saying "Yeah, I'm USA special ops, and we're at war, but I love Waukanda!" is not enough.  Public renouncement of his US rank and citizenship, severing all ties with the past should have come first.  Yes, I know T'Chaka had a guilty conscience.  Still need the clean break.



Anyone else notice that each episode the Watcher seems to be brought more and more into the spotlight?  A previous episode had him spotted by one in the story, this episode, I think, is the first time he's not been just a ghostly image in the background.  Makes me wonder if they're building towards something.


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