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Paragon Student Union - An RP event for college age heroes?


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So there is an event I've been thinking about doing for a while now, that I have the free time to try and plan/get help for. It seems like there are a ton of school and teen based groups, but something I haven't seen much of is college stuff. I know there were at least a ton of characters out there who are college students and mentioned it in bios and such at least six months ago when I first had the idea. 

This might have changed, but it seemed like a missing thing that might be fun, to put together an event called Paragon Student Union, an RP mixer put on by Paragon University for students, where people can come as their heroes in college, or secret identities as students, or just plain students they have around.  If there are any college aged SGs recruiting, a representative can give little 'who we are' talks and then have a chance for college kids to make some RP connections by breaking into small groups and shuffle every 15-30min kind of thing.


This is not the sort of event I can pull off by myself, and I don't know any SGs to personally invite offhand, so definitely looking for 1) interest - do you have characters you'd want to go to something like this with? and 2) volunteers who want to help plan and run this, and interested SGs. 


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On 8/15/2021 at 4:48 PM, GraspingVileTerror said:

What about college-enrolled villains?


Are they going to Paragon University? 😛 The idea was a common background thread for everyone to instigate some RP, if they are undercover, sure, so long as they don't go against the vibe of it being a space for students where no one should be needing to have their guard up .


7 hours ago, CrystalDragon said:

Specialist Mayday would gladly drop into this. Time and day?


Unknown! Depends when I can get help running it 🙂
I'm happy to do the 'on-site' welcome and herding but would need at least one more person to field doing broadcast announcements/handle OOC questions



It does sound like there is still interest though, what works best for people time wise? Likely would be a weekend, but afternoon or evening? 

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I have a College fresshman PCU Paragon City University (Blue) Bekka Jo  who consider  URI University of Rogue Isle (Red) to be a rivial school example  football teams the Statesmen vs the Islanders ect. only just found this definately interested on this Student Union idea would be fun


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