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I am looking for an active european time red side supergroup on this server....

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...since my own red side supergroup only got members of the american continent on Excelsior server and so "died out" after some time. I have alot of lvl 50 toons, which I will keep in my own supergroup, so I will join only with one toon and hopefully link my supergroup with yours. Dedicated base builder here with my own supergroup base as a proof.


You ask, why I like to play red side only?


I just can´t adapt to the hero thing and all my toons are not hero themed. But I am ok with supergroups, that play both sides, as long as the red side is active.

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On 8/17/2021 at 11:49 PM, Krzbrg1 said:

I am ok with supergroups that play both sides, as long as the red side is active.

That is probably your best bet. I am not aware of any redside-only SGs [EDIT: ...on Reunion] that are currently active (*), but lots of people will join a redside TF- or mission team if you take the initiative and start one. And yes, it helps a bit to have some SG-mates to seed the team 🙂


(*) Black Fang was quite active for a while, but I have not seen them in LFG recently. Good group of people and some fun teaming the times that I got to run with them. If you guys are in fact still around, then I apologize for prematurely declaring you dead 😉 


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Thanks. Will look for black fangs... 😛

Reunion is quite sleepy at the other hand and also suffers from the same illness of the other servers: people refuse to team, if you are low level and have no other people in the team. But the moment I take out a lvl 50+ and announce teaming at highest diff....


I don´t dig people, everyone here is responsible too for the success and enjoyment of this project...instead they literally force indirectly singeplayer gameplay on other players by refusing any teaming other then full squad, 50+, highest diff. And that despite the charme a small team of toons on beginner levels can have... 😞

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