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[Staging] Patch Notes for August 21st, 2021


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This patch is being fast-tracked to Live to support the Cimerora Contest for Mission Architect. Please check that thread for more information.


Mission Architect


Map changes:

  • Cimerora - Battle Map: split into front, middle and back regions.
  • Cimerora - Castellum Quarter: newly released map.
  • Cimerora - Sybil Temple: split into front, middle and back regions.
  • Cimerora - Vespillos Pass: newly released map.

Added the following critters and enemy groups to Architect:

  • Angry Citizens (1-5)
  • Cimerorans (35-54): Immunes Surgeon, Peasant, Sybil, Marcus Valerius, Sister Airlia, Sister Valeria
  • Cimeroran Beasts (35-54): Minotaur (four versions), Cyclops (four versions)
  • Cimeroran Traitors (35-54): Immunes Surgeon
  • Cimeroran Traitors (50-54)
  • Civilian (1-54): Alexis Cole-Duncan, Emperor Marcus Cole
  • Decaying Eidolons (29-54)
  • Diabolique Spirit (50-54): Shadow Lord, Shadow Mistress, Shadow Demon
  • Pandora's Might (40-50)
  • Praetorian Police (1-24): Cole's Clone (two versions)
  • Prisoners (30-38)
  • The Cabal (25-34): Sprite
  • Tyrant Follower (50-54): Olympian Guard, Tyrant (50-54)
  • UPA (30-54)

Added contacts from Dark Astoria: Captain Nolan, Dream Doctor, Ephram Sha, Heather Townshend, Maharaj, Max, Midnight Loremaster, Mu'Vorkan, Praetor Duncan
Added contact from Cimerora: Sister Solaris

Renamed "Carnie" enemy group to "Carnival of Shadows".


Made some changes to the arc validation to prevent published story arcs from being invalidated by these changes. Arcs that have not been published yet may still become invalid, or have certain parts of it change; please double-check your arcs before publishing.

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