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Lack of RP conflict between heroes and villains?


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On 9/9/2021 at 2:13 PM, Saeletra said:

In the first year or so of the Tower, we were looking to get some Hero vs Arachnos group rivalries going. We kept running in to the same problem, none of the Hero groups we contacted or who contacted us ever wanted to lose beyond the "We Heroes didn't ask for this, we're just chilling in our base and you evil villains came and blew us up/kidnapped/killed" thing that would give them every reason to smash down the Tower. None of them ever wanted to be the aggressors or even remotely in the wrong. We were wanted as a punching bag to advance their SG storylines, but they weren't willing to help advance our VG storylines.

Eventually, we just stopped looking for a Hero group to be our arch nemesis.

In the very early days there was a thread or two that had views from all sides the Hero vs Villain RP situation.


This is a shame. I have a Hero toon called Minute Woman who would love to be sort of the Hero that constantly loses to the villains she hunts. Its a shame no one could entertain this roleplay. It sounds very fun..

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