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What to make next for a Scrapper?


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All right looking to make my next scrapper - Tell me Powers - and Theme and I will build it. (Has to be a powerset I am not currently running ((see below)) I will build the suggestion that I like the best.


IE: Build a Battle Axe - Willpower - Theme of Angry Old Lady


1 50 Psionic Ninjutsu     Battle Axe
Kinetic Melee
    Bio Aromr
Sheilod Defense
2 50 Street Justice Super Reflexes     Broad Sword Martial Arts     Dark Armor Super Reflexes
3 28 Broad Sword Shield Defense     Claws
Psionic Melee
    Electric Armor Willpower
4 14 Radiation Melee Bio Armor     Dark Melee
Radiation Melee
    Energy Aura  
5 6 Staff Invulnerability     Dual Blades
Savage Melee
    Fiery Aura  
6 1 Savage Melee Regeneration     Electrical Melee
Staff Fighting
7           Energy Melee Spines     Invulnerability  
8           Fiery Melee
Street Justice
    Radiation Armor  
9           Ice Melee
Titan Weapons
10 1 Fiery Fiery     Katana War Mace        


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