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* Before you post a report, please ensure it has relevant information to reproduce the issue. When in doubt, attach a .costume file to your post or DM me a .costume file with a link back to your post if you don't want the file being public.

* If you see that your report has been hidden it is likely due to a pending fix, has already been fixed, is a duplicate or already exists in our internal issue tracker.

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I don't think this is a high priority,  but I customized my powerset for the Seismic Blast and Earth manipulation with "Lava" Black/red colors, but some of the powers still have elements that do not change even though the costume creator shows it has. The Stalagmite is one that works fine, but when charged for the extra damage, it has the default affects. Not really a game breaking issue, but I'm sure you would want to correct it when time allows. Thank you and have a gr8 day 🙂





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No longer able to use anything but the crab pack or none on arachnos soldiers on the back slot in ALL costume slots. Began as of this update. Other options are missing from the menu on all costume slots now. If want him with just wings and no crab pack.. no longer an option.

Second post coming with additional image to show what's happening. Even uploaded variants that worked before, are not working now.

editor Korinthwithoutwings

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Comparatively minor, and I think this is more of a UI oddity than a costume bug: when female Gunslinger Belt 3 is selected it causes the Back Details option to vanish causing the UI to dynamically change size. I know this is to prevent players from having a Gunslinger Belt 3 and a cape but to my knowledge it's the only piece that does this and it makes quickly scrolling through the belts tricky.



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  • Developer

When you post an image, please double-click the image after you insert it into your post and change the thumbnail size to 256px width or less. I will be able to click the image to expand it to the full size if I need to, but it really helps with scrolling through pages if your post's images are thumbnailed to smaller sizes and I don't have to edit your post.



@Voltixdark Please see the patch notes for costume bug fixes > Male. Victorian boots didn't have dual color tinting before and it was a bug. I will check the part at a later time to see if the mask or texture can be altered to take a more event tint from both colors so you can replicate that.


Soldier's of Arachnos AT Huge boots have been fixed internally.


Power Customization and Weapons and draw issues belong in the bug reports forum and not in this thread. All of the issues pertaining to them are known about and are not traditional costume parts.


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Posted (edited)

Geometry Issue

Female > Upper Body > Tight > Gloves > Organic Armor & Organic Armor Thorny (Left Glove) 




Not immediately obvious, but when looked at up close:




Occurs with Thorny or normal types, regardless if Symmetrical Gloves are toggled on or not. 

Lady Behemoth 0.costumeLady Behemoth 1.costume

  • 0 is with Organic Armor
  • 1 is with Organic Armor Thorny

           (neither use claws by default)

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  • Game Master

I did some independent checking on the above: with the exception of white in the first color, the flame will be the OPPOSITE color of whatever first color is chosen (red/green, blue/orange, yellow/purple). It's not 100% consistent, though (it prefers to be a bit greenish when using an orange as the first color). Choosing black will still result in a white flame, but smaller/more diluted than the white flame. The second color doesn't seem to affect anything, other than tinting the proper parts.

Hopefully that helps nail down a solution.

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