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The Upside Park Graffiti Wall Duck Hunt! (FINISHED!)


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OCTOBER 25th! 25th! 25th!
At 8PM Eastern!


I will be hiding 10 horned yellow duckies in the Upside! The first person to find and post a screenshot of ALL TEN DUCKIES can pick a message, a name done with greater detail, greater length, or a SG passcode promotion! This graffiti will be larger and/or more elaborate. Subject to my approval. Terms and conditions apply. Please read the rules for more details!

- Take screenshots of all ten duckies and post them in this thread (along with your global). The first person to post a screenshot of a all then duckies wins.
- I reserve the right to refuse your message/name request, but will work with you to think of something reasonable if necessary.
- The contest runs until the duckies are found!

- No duckies will be hidden out of bounds. Don't worry about it.

- If you request a name for a character/player/SG other than your own, I will confirm with that person/SG Owner to make sure they are okay with having their name used.

- Previous winners may participate!

*I am going to close the Upside on the day of, and open it at 8PM once I've hidden all the ducks!*

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  • Wravis changed the title to The Upside Park Graffiti Wall Duck Hunt! (FINAL CONTEST INFO)
  • Wravis changed the title to The Upside Park Graffiti Wall Duck Hunt! (FINISHED!)

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