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Thermal Radiation - Alternate Shield Graphics

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We have a player in our SG who cannot play when anyone uses the Thermal shields on the team. Would it be possible to add a costume option like the one that exists for Cold Domination to reduce the FX of the shields? We don't want to force members to skip the powers or the set, make it so that the player with the issues can't play, or for them to use reduced graphics.



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13 hours ago, Griffyn said:

or for them to use reduced graphics.

I’m for proliferation of min-FX options, but this sounds like what they should be doing in the meantime. Their computer is clearly a potato and these things happen 😕

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Im for alot of the minimum FX options.  Im also for individuals using existing options to solve issues.  There is a suppress FX when close and its distance can be adjusted.  Also lowering settings in general.


If its a computer performance or medical issue,  either of the options above should solve it.

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