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macro for Notariety changes?

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I use two set of settings for the above:

1 - Level +4 and team size 8 and solo bosses Yes


2 - Level -1 and Team Size 1 and Solo Bosses No


Ideally I would like two macro’s so I could switch to either as appropriate.


Yes I know all about the Quick Chat into Notariety system but that menu tree is just as broken as the Gull one meaning to do three changes means three start from beginning nonsenses!

Also it is a small size menu and as it is at the bottom of the chat box which sits at the bottom corner of my screen is a right pain to hit the right selections.


This ask might just not be possible to impliment but fingers crossed 😇

Thanks for any info/guidance, cheers

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On 9/14/2021 at 6:07 PM, Hedgefund said:

/macro RAWR "SetDifficultyLevel 4$$SetDifficultyTeamSize 8$$SetDifficultyBoss 1$$SetDifficultyAV 1"
/macro MEW "SetDifficultyLevel 0$$SetDifficultyTeamSize 1$$SetDifficultyBoss 0$$SetDifficultyAV 0"


Interesting. When were these slash commands implemented? I can't find any note of them in Patch Notes and don't see anyone but you who's mentioned them.

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14 hours ago, SuperPlyx said:

Issue 25 patch notes  Also if you open the default quickchat.mnu file in your install folder you can see them there




Wow, these went completely past me, and I do know that popmenus are of necessity built on slash commands. Dopey me.


Not the most super-duper-useful commands, since they're implemented right there in the UI, but I agree that the teeny-tiny button and fussy nature of those small menus makes the option nice to have. Off to update the Guide...


ETA: Ah, they aren't in any of the actual patch notes, only the wiki listing. Probably why I missed them.

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