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Let Null Gull Lvl Up

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12 hours ago, BurtHutt said:





Edit: Though if one were to be added, I'd want it to be turndown girl. With commentary.

"You're taking that power? Fine. I suppose it's your life..."

"You're putting slots there and think you have a chance?"

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Primarily on Everlasting. Squid afficionado. Former creator of Copypastas. General smartalec.


I tried to combine Circle and DE, but all I got were garden variety evil mages.

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I'd like War Witch put back where she was in Pocket D. Or at least not standing right against a wall.

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1 minute ago, Triumphant said:

I like her where she is now.  I don't have to fly or jump up to the balcony to access the trainer.


Yeah, I know, all that work-work-work. 😛


Then move her away from the wall. She's not a decoration.

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17 hours ago, Aida LaCanthe said:

Maybe the wall is just comfortable to lean on? Put her in the ;walllean pose.


So close and yet so far.



When she wasn't blocked by the wall, you could stand back to back and hit /em walllean to get a nice comfy hug. 🙂 Okay, I'm a perv.


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What if Null allowed you to gain Experience for Inf?  
I'd say (Level x Level x 400,000) Inf.  That way 2 billion would jump someone up to Level 24, and it'd cost a little over 17 billion to hit 50.
I know.  I know.
Old suggestion.  
We've been there before.


It's just what I initially thought this thread was asking for based on the subject header, and I futz'd around with the math and wanted to share a version of the expenses that seemed "fair."

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6 hours ago, FrauleinMental said:

Asking Null for power?  How Gullible...


I wish people would quit using that word. It's not even in the dictionary.

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