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Patron arcs could use more badges


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The badge, Recluse's Right Hand / Recluse's Betrayer, requires you to complete every arc from each of the four patron.


Each patron has four arcs, 16 total, each arc has 5-6 missions, so that's around 100 missions total.


Currently, you only get one badge per patron. I suggest that the end arc of each patron arc should also have a badge. So, two badges per patron.


Some badge name ideas:

Mako: Alpha Predator

Scirocco: Whirlwind

Black Scorpion: Tech Support

Ghost Widow: Ghost Whisperer

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I could definitely get behind adding a badge for completing all the story arcs of a patron.


Now I will take this opportunity reiterate a previous suggestion to unlock patron missions. Allow a patron to introduce you to another patron when you complete all of their missions.  

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